Say Anything... Jewelry by Stephanie Wilde

**NEW** Asymmetrical heart Actual Footprint Necklace

Regular price $179.00

This is a BRAND NEW shape we are offering!

It's a lovely fine silver asymmetrical heart and you can choose to put footprints, handwriting, fingerprints or paw/nose prints on this piece. We created this sweet heart border to add some interest to the piece as well. 

Its strung on a 16 or 18 (most common) length rolo chain with a toggle clasp so it's easy to get on and off, and stylish too of course! 

Please email a scan or photo of the footprints to 

If you need a kit to take fingerprints sent to yourself or a loved one, let us know and we will get that sent out for you. 

Contact us with any questions! 605-695-3997 



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