How do I get fingerprints or handwriting to you?

Fingerprints - Pet Noses/Paws

Q. How do I get the prints to you? Do the people have to come to the shop?

A. We just need an ink print. We have kits that you can pick up or we can send to you or your loved ones, or if you have an existing ink print we can use that! Of course you're always welcome to come to the shop to have the prints taken by us. 

The photo below shows what we would ideally like the prints to look like. (with the green circles below)

Q. My loved ones prints were taken at a funeral home. Will these work? 

A. Yes. If they were taken on paper, you can scan and email the prints to or bring in the hard copy of the prints for us to scan. You'll get the originals back right away. We can also use fingerprints digitally taken at funeral homes. You can generally receive a digital copy of these via email from the funeral home. We can contact the funeral home on your behalf if you'd like. Please call us at 605-695-3997 or use our contact form to get in touch with us. 

Here are some links on how to take prints of specific ages of people and pets.

Fingerprints of children age 0-6 with the ink pad method. If you get a kit from us with a small ink pad and you are taking prints of children aged 0-6 years old, this is the video you should watch.


Fingerprints and Full Handprints of children age 0-6 with the applicator method. If you get a kit with special reactive paper and towelettes or a white rectangle applicator this is the video for you!


How to take fingerprints ages 6+.


Doggie Graham Puppy Nose Molds. These will be a 3D version/size of you pet's nose. This material is similar to a dental mold in that there is just a few minutes to work with it. It gets hard after a few minutes and will then be safe to put into a plastic bag to ship or bring to the shop. The prices range on these from $110 (for a very tiny dog) to $200+ for a very large breed. Most molds are between $150-180. I do like to wait to give you final pricing for the impression until I have the mold back as sometimes the mold for a small dog is larger than expected or smaller than expected for a larger breed. Here is a video on how to take these molds.


Handwriting - Artwork - Drawings 

We can use handwriting, artwork or drawings from nearly anything! It does not matter the size of the writing or what the writing is on (lined paper, wrinkled paper etc.) We are able to make the writing be larger or smaller. We can even piece together letters from different documents to form words in your loved ones handwriting. For instance if you'd like something to say "Love Mom" we can use "L" from one card, "ove" from another and the "M" from one card and "om" from another. Additional costs may apply to this. 

Simply scan and email us the writing to or take a photo of the writing/drawing etc. (yes, even a photo from your smart phone will work!) and email it to us. 

If you have questions about any of this, go to our contact us page to get in touch or call us at 605-695-3997.