*NEW* Permanent Jewelry

We are excited to begin offering Permanent Jewelry at Say Anything... Jewelry! 

What is Permanent Jewelry? 

Simply put, it is a piece of jewelry that does not have a clasp. Instead the jewelry is fit custom to you and we do a small weld on the chain to keep it connected. 

If you need to remove it for an MRI, or other medical procedure or event, you can simply cut off the chain with a scissors or nail clipper (or plan ahead and come see us for removal), hold onto the chain, and we can reweld it for you or add a clasp on for you so you can wear it again.

It's not jewelry that will last permanently, but rather jewelry that is permanently attached by welding it in place. It is not connected to your skin in any way. 

It is an experience you can share with your friends, mother/daughter, sisters, bachelorette parties, birthdays and more! We use high quality Sterling silver and 14K Gold Filled chains so you can be sure they will stand up to everyday wear with very little cleaning and care. But don't worry, we have that covered too! You'll receive care instructions with this just like all of our items come with. 

Appointments are recommended by clicking the link below and scheduling your time to come see us. Walk ins may be available as well.