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Hi, I'm Stephanie.

My Story

I started this business on my kitchen counter in 2009. My kids Lillian and Graham were just babies at the time. I was working full time as a server and had broken my foot and was unable to work (a Godsend in hindsight). During that time I saw this amazing handstamped jewelry online, but was unable to find out how it was made (It was before YouTube tutorials if you can believe it!) After some research and trial and error, I figured it all out.

About a year after I began making jewelry I was able to quit my full time job, and another year later, in 2011, I opened up my retail location!

In 2012, Karla Hassebroek and I perfected our handwriting and fingerprint gifts. We moved into our larger space at 225 S. Phillips Ave. Sioux Falls SD in 2015.

Karla works her magic on the first steps of the Handwriting, Fingerprint and Pet keepsakes from home while enjoying her daughter Kali ( 7 ) and son Colby ( 4 ) along with her husband Chris.  




I still make the handwriting, fingerprint and pet keepsake jewelry on my kitchen counter at home. My family is grateful that I moved the loud hammering to the shop! :) 


My Why

When I started this journey I had no idea how this work would connect me to so many of life's most important and pivotal moments with so many amazing people and families. I often spend hours making these keepsakes and I think constantly of the stories told to me about the people, events or milestones that are attached to them.

I have heard and experienced some truly divine stories that I will never ever forget. There is the couple with the squirrel element to their engagement, the cattle farmer who doodled hearts to his daughters, and the 60 year old love letters signed "xxx, Love Vern." Keeping these memories at the forefront of people's minds and also at their fingertips, is truly why I was put on this earth.  

My Process

All of the gifts I create are made with great love and care. I create absolutely every gift how I'd want it for myself or someone I love. If I ever have a thought of how to improve or modify a design to make it better or more meaningful, I'll be sure to get in touch as I am making things. I truly enjoy creating for people who appreciate the time, effort and care that goes into each step. When they give me the patience to create their piece, they know they'll receive something spectacular as a reward for their patience. 

All of the stamping pieces go through at least 7 steps each, so if you have a piece that has 3 separate pieces, it goes through roughly 21 steps. The handwriting and fingerprint pieces go through over 35 steps by at least 2 people over about 5 days and take approximately 10 hours each to complete no matter the size.

When I say Handmade, I really mean made by hand. I am often asked if I send things out to be made. Nope! Nada! Never! 

Contact Info:

We are happy to speak with you directly during our business hours 605-695-3997
Tues.-Fri. 10-5:30cst and Sat. 10-3cst
If you have questions about anything you see here, or if you'd like us to get in touch with a funeral home or hospice center regarding fingerprints please call or send us a note here. If you'd like to design a custom item that you do not see, please contact us with your inspiration.