Q. What Materials/Metals do you use?

A. Sterling silver, Copper, Brass, as well as Fine Silver (For the Lilly Prints & Doggie Grahams) and gold fill upon request. Nothing but the best! There are no nickel or plated findings. All Chains, clasps, and findings are sterling, copper or brass as well. 


Q. Can I add names to a piece later? Our family is still growing!  

A. Yes, please contact us via phone 605-695-3997 or via our contact form and we will help you choose the best option for your family!


Q. Am I charged be the letter or what? 

A. No, I'd never want you to have to choose between putting "Ben" or "Benjamin" etc.  You are charged by the piece that we stamp on. 


Q. Will the letters be perfectly straight? 

A. All the handstamping is done by hand. Stamping each character by hand makes each piece unique and different. Slight irregularities in spacing or alignment are what give each piece its charm and should not be seen as flaws. That said I would never send you something I wouldn’t want for myself.


Q. How/when does my order ship? Or can I pick up?

A. Once your keepsake is finished being hand crafted, we ship via USPS. Our production time varies. Generally it takes about 4-6 weeks for the Lilly Prints & Doggie Grahams and around a month for the handstamped items. If you need something by a specific date, please contact us before you order.   


 Q. I like a little from one design and a little from another, can I get something custom that I don't see on the website?

A. Of course!  Just send me a message with what you're looking for and I will do my best to create something that you'll love! 


Q. Can you stamp the front and back of the items?

A. Sometimes! If it has a rimmed edge or is domed we cannot. If you have a question on a specific shape that you see, please contact us and we will let you know if we can do that and the price difference. 


Q. Can you put the names or dates on the back of the fingerprints?  

A. These start out as a soft clay like material so if we flipped them over to put something on the back, we would ruin what is on the front. We can, however make an additional piece and join both together. This generally doubles the cost as we create two pieces instead of one.