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What is Permanent Jewelry?

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Simply put, Permanent Jewelry is a piece of jewelry that does not have a clasp. Instead of a clasp, we custom fit the Permanent Jewelry to where you'd like it: ankle, bracelet, necklace, ring etc. and then we do a tiny spot weld to permanently connect the chain together. It is painless, quick and a fun experience to have with your daughters, bridal parties, besties or sisters! The jewelry is not imbedded into your skin, it is just like a regular piece of jewelry but without a clasp. 


We are happy to bring Permanent Jewelry to Sioux Falls with accessible access, set hours and a convenient location downtown in Sioux Falls at 225 S. Phillips Ave. Click here to see directions on how to get to our shop for Permanent Jewelry in Sioux Falls.

There are quite a few questions with Permanent Jewelry and we have a little video here that has many of the answers you may have about Permanent Jewelry in Sioux Falls. Click here to watch our video on FAQ's for Permanent Jewelry in Sioux Falls.

If you don't care to watch the video, I will address some of the most common questions below as well!

How do I book an appointment? Click the link below! You will choose the date and time you'd like. Please book 1 time slot per PERSON not per group. So if you are coming with another person, please book 2 appointments, 3 people = 3 appointments. Walk ins are also welcome, but we recommend booking in advance on weekends. Click here to book your appointment now!

What if I have a sport, medical reason or preference that I would like a clasp on my jewelry instead? We can do that for you, just let us know when you get fitted for your jewelry!

What if I need to take it off for an MRI or other reason? Simply cut off the chain with a nail clipper or scissors on the ring that we welded on, and save the chain. Come see us afterwards to have it rewelded for no cost or we can add a clasp if you prefer as well.

What material do you use? Sterling Silver and 14 Karat Gold Fill. 14K Gold Fill is a thick layer of 14 karat gold over brass. We provide you with care instructions and a polish cloth just like we do with the rest of our jewelry that we offer.

Do you do parties? We can host your bridal party, bffs, or sisters in the shop privately. Ask about us traveling to your event or business. 

Why should I come to you for Permanent Jewelry in Sioux Falls? We have been in business for 14+ years. We use great quality chains and charms, we stand behind our work and you always know where to find us if you need a reweld or help removing your item for a procedure or sports.

Will it last forever? You have to take care of this jewelry just like you would with any other fine jewelry that you have. The Permanent Jewelry industry is relatively new as it started about 3 years ago. Many people still enjoy their pieces and they are in great shape! 



Do you have different charms I can add to my Permanent Jewelry in Sioux Falls? Yes! We have birthstones, letter charms, crosses, hearts, angel wings, infinity symbols and more.




How do I take care of it or clean it? You can use the polishing cloth included in the care kit we give you. If it needs a little more love than the polish cloth can give, we included a spooli and you can use some gentle soap and warm water for a deep cleaning!

Here is the insert card that comes with the care kit:

Here is our current pricing for Permanent Jewelry in Sioux Falls. 

We know you may have more questions, so head to our contact form to ask any other questions.

If you are ready to book your appointment for Permanent Jewelry in Sioux Falls click this link here and choose a time that works for you! Remember to book one time slot per person so if you have 3 people, please book 3 spots so we have time for all 3 of you. As always, walk-ins are welcome anytime! We are open 10-5:30 Tues.-Fri and 10-3 Sat. 

Click here to book your appointment today! 

  • Julie Oines on

    I am very interested in a permanent bracelet and anklet.
    I do not work on Fridays – I will call to schedule an appointment with you.
    Thank you for your beautiful work!
    Julie Oines

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