Say Anything... Jewelry by Stephanie Wilde

Cherry Blossom Crystal Stretch Bracelets

Regular price $55.00

We are absolutely in love with these GORGEOUS crystal stretch bracelets!! These beauties are made of Cherry Blossom, (also known as Flower Agate) gemstones.

Neutral colors of apricot, dusty pink, milky whites and amber. These bracelets will pair well with any outfit! Please CHOOSE between 12mm, 10mm, & 8mm beads. Each will also have a specified length along with the size.

Flower Agate AKA Cherry Blossom: corrects and balances energy, providing positive light to illuminate your purpose and the path you need to take if you want to fulfill your destiny. It removes the feeling of stagnation and puts an end to procrastination. Tackles dark energy, providing a heightened sense of synchronicity.

#101- 12mm 7.5

#102- 10mm 7.25

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