Say Anything... Jewelry by Stephanie Wilde

Oval Signature Handwriting Bracelet

Regular price $275.00

Yes, this is actual handwriting!  

The piece is just over 1 3/8 inch in size.

The chain is a 7.5 inch sterling silver cable chain.

Choose the oval to be Fine Silver, Copper, or Bonze!

Please send us a scanned copy or photograph of the handwriting you'd like to use to 

You can also use fingerprints for this piece as well. We can use an existing ink print that you have, or we have kits that we can send out to you or your loved ones to take an ink fingerprint.

We can rearrange the handwriting or make it smaller, larger etc. to make it fit the piece shown.

You'll also receive the custom plastic "stamp" that we create to make these masterpieces, it's yours, forever! 

You may choose to add more handwriting or fingerprints to the piece. Each additional handwriting or fingerprint will cost $20.

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