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Nose Print (3-D) Keepsakes

Regular price $200.00


The price of this item will vary based on the size of the mold we get. It will be between $200-375+ generally but may be more. This is the price for the nose mold only. Additional charms, necklace chains etc. will add to the cost. Custom Keepsake 3-D pet keychain, bracelet or necklace. This specific design features the nose in a 3-D taken from a special mold. This is a VERY exclusive process that is our very own. 

Just a note, because of the 3-D nature of these keepsakes, we cannot add personalization to the back side of these pieces.

How do we get the nose print? We will send out a special kit for each dog Nose with instructions on how to use them. We use non-toxic mold kits, so there is no mess! Or you can bring your pet in to our shop and we can take the mold in person.

The size of your pet's nose determines the size of your keepsake, so if your dog is a large breed, we will make the piece larger than if your dog is a small breed.  

Production time takes between 3-5 weeks after we get the prints returned to us. (Please note this timeframe is not from the time the kit ships to you, it is from when the kits are returned to us.) 

These pieces start as precious metal clay and through a process of over 35 steps over 10 hours, including kiln firing, the result is this amazing fine .999 pure silver keepsake! The round portion is also available in Copper and Bronze!

Pricing for each keepsake ranges from $200- $375+ depending on the size of your pet's nose and the charms you’d like to add. We'll work with you to determine the exact size and pricing before you order.

Call or contact us with questions. 

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