Say Anything... Jewelry by Stephanie Wilde

Open Teardrop with Fingerprint in Bronze

Regular price $233.00

You can't go wrong with this elegant shape that comes to a lovely pointed bottom. Display your loved one's fingerprint in bronze, silver or copper.

Choose your chain style and length. Thick Rolo & Saturn chains add an extra $10 to listing price. Contact us for pricing on chains over 18 inches.

Getting the handwriting: Simply scan a copy of the handwriting and email it to us at Don't have a scanner? Take a photo of the writing and email it right from your smartphone. We can size the writing larger, smaller or rearrange to fit the heart. You can also stop in at our store with the writing and we will scan it in right away and give the writing back to you!

Getting the print: Please contact us if you need a fingerprint kit for this keepsake. If you have an existing ink print or digital fingerprint, scan a copy of the ink print and save as a .jpg file and email the ink or digital fingerprint to us at

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