Say Anything... Jewelry by Stephanie Wilde

Heart Fingerprint or Handwriting Necklace - Bestseller

Regular price $254.00

The heart is just over 1 inch in size. It is hands down the most popular size heart in our Lilly Prints Collection. The chain is sterling silver.

Choose Fine Silver (shown) or Copper or Bronze for the heart. 

Fingerprint and handwriting pieces start with 1 Fingerprint or handwriting piece each additional print adds $20. This piece looks lovely with up to 4 fingerprints.  

We have kits that we can send out for you to take an ink print of each person you'd like a print from. They are easy to use, Non-toxic and are actually inkless, so there is no mess!

If you have existing ink prints we can use those!  

For the handwriting, we can shrink or enlarge it as well as rearrange it to fit the piece. Simply take a photo of the writing or scan the writing and email it to us. 

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