Say Anything... Jewelry by Stephanie Wilde

Diamond Fingerprint Necklace - Up to 5 Prints - BESTSELLER!*

Regular price $264.00

Custom Keepsake Fingerprint necklace in fine silver, copper, or bronze - with up to 5 fingerprints! Shown here with 4. This is the bestselling size of diamond/square that we have!  

The piece is just over 1 inch in size. The chain is 18 inches in length and is sterling silver. There is an initial in each print so you can remember the layout of your piece! Please let me know what order you'd like them in example: Bill at top, then clockwise, Sally, then Abby, then John. etc. 

The square portion can also be made in copper. The chain will be sterling silver. 

Please let us know if you need fingerprint kits sent out to you, or if you have existing ink prints, those will work too!

REG. $204-244

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