Say Anything... Jewelry by Stephanie Wilde

Fingerprint Kit

Regular price $25.00

This listing is for a kit to take fingerprints for a keepsake. 
only one Kit is needed per address. Instructions will be included and we strongly suggest that you watch the videos below on how to best take the prints, that will help us to create the best keepsake for you. 

Just let us know how many people you are taking the prints of and their ages and we will include the appropriate amount of materials. 

If you decide to purchase something with fingerprints after purchasing this kit, please let us know before ordering and we will discount whatever you order by $25. (the cost of this kit- thus making the kit free!)

You do NOT need to purchase this in addition to a specific design. Only purchase this if you are NOT buying a specific design today. 

The best way for us to create an amazing keepsake for your is for you to get us good prints, so please watch the video provided before taking the prints and make sure to get us several (about 20) per person, so that we may choose the best one. 


How to take prints for adults and kids over the age of about 8 years old with an ink pad. 

How to take prints of young children (8 or younger) using the ink pad. Please use this whole hand method, I promise you, it is easier. :) 


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