Say Anything... Jewelry by Stephanie Wilde

Black Gold Amazonite & Lotus Bracelet

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Lustrous black gold amazonite beads surround a dainty sterling silver lotus charm. Each bead is faceted and aura-treated - catching the light with a luminous glow. Soft tones of pale blues, tans and cream make up this beautifully calming stretch bracelet.

Lotus: a symbol of purity, enlightenment, self-regeneration and rebirth. Born in muck and mire in sludgy waters, this brilliant blossom emerges from humble beginnings. Reminding us to stretch out of our comfort zone, to grow, and to expand.

Amazonite: is a stone of courage and truth. This stone empowers you to speak your truths with integrity. It aids in moving beyond fear of judgement to live in alignment with those beliefs and values.


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