Say Anything... Jewelry by Stephanie Wilde

African Turquoise Crystal Bracelet

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This crystal stretch bracelet is GORGEOUS!! We can't keep it in stock fast enough!

Smooth 10mm African Turquoise beads are cool to the touch. Each gemstone has its own unique characteristics and are mesmerizing to look at!

African Turquoise: is a stone of evolution and change. The stone is said to bring about positive change and transformation. It facilitates growth and maturity, allowing you to pursue all of the possibilities in life. Rather than staying complacent in how things are going now, it pushes you to live a bit grander. Its meaning is all about embracing life and all of the ugly that comes with it! African Turquoise can help you overcome your gut reactions to negative experiences. Instead of becoming plagued by emotional turmoil and pain, this stone teaches you how to go with the flow.


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