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Medium Triangle Bezel Crystal Necklace

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A crystal of your choice with a sterling bezel setting surrounding the stone. Strung on a sterling silver rolo chain. Choose 16 or 18 inches (most common) for the chain. This is the larger of the two sizes of the triangle bezel necklaces. It is roughly 7/8 inches in size, slightly smaller than a quarter.

Current Available Stones:

Gold Rutilated Quartz (2)
Black Onyx
Clear Quartz
Blue Quartz     



Each stone is a natural occurring crystal/gem and therefore is a one of a kind stone. Please note that your stone may vary from the one pictured. This is what makes them special and unique. If you would like to have a closer look at the specific stock I currently have, you can use the chat function to chat with me or email us at 


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