Asymmetrical Heart Fingerprint Keychain
Say Anything... Jewelry by Stephanie Wilde

Asymmetrical Heart Fingerprint Keychain

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This asymmetrical heart is one of our more popular shapes. Measuring about 1 inch across and 1.25 inch long. Customize this keychain with your furry friend's paw print, a loved one's unique fingerprint or handwriting.

This beautiful keepsake can be made in fine silver, copper, or bronze (gold).

If you need a fingerprint or paw print kit sent out to you please contact us and we can send one out to you.

Getting the handwriting: Simply scan a copy of the handwriting email it to us at Don't have a scanner? Take a photo of the writing and email it right from your smartphone. We can size the writing larger, smaller or rearrange to fit the shape. You can also stop in at our store with the writing and we will scan it in right away and give the writing back to you!

Getting the print: Please contact us if you need a fingerprint or paw print kit for this keepsake. If you have an existing ink print or digital fingerprint, scan a copy of the ink print and email the ink or digital print to us at

Please use the chat function on the website and we can answer any questions!

Please let us know in the Personalization Box how you would like to customize this keepsake, as well as the chain length you prefer.

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