Say Anything... Jewelry by Stephanie Wilde

Handwriting Bar Necklace - Bar Necklace with Actual Handwriting

Regular price $183.00

This necklace is one of the most popular designs we offer.

It's modern, trendy, and it has your loved one's handwriting and/or fingerprint on it! 

Simply take a photo of the handwriting or scan it and email it to us at and we can shrink it down to fit the piece. If you'd like to use fingerprints as well, we can use any ink print on a sheet of paper. So, if you need a kit to take these fingerprints, let us know the address to send a kit to and we will take care of it! 

The price for the handwriting alone is $173, if you'd like to add the fingerprint it would add $10, so the total would be $183. If you prefer two fingerprints instead of 1, the price is $183.

Please contact us before ordering if you have questions regarding pricing, sizing or anything else. 

The Bar is also available in Copper!

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