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Matte White Opal Crystal Stretch Bracelet

Regular price $54.00

This stretch bracelet is made of dainty 4mm matte white opal beads. Each bead has its own unique hue consisting of creams and tans! Perfect for everyday wear with any outfit! 

White Opal: is all about balance, harmony, purity and love. It’s said to bring the user closer to the divine feminine. White Opal has also come to be associated with luck, wealth and creativity. It’s regularly used in manifestation practices with the intention of encouraging these traits. Additionally, it is known for its ability to help with all kinds of love issues and challenges. This can be self love, the love of a partner or the love for a child. It is also thought to promote and nurture the kind of love it takes for new mothers to adjust to life with a demanding newborn.


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