Handwriting + Artwork + Doggie Grahams


We can take actual handwriting from your loved ones and create spectacular keepsakes! Whether it's a love letter, a card from Mom and Dad, or that first time your little one wrote "I love mommy" we can make a gift that you'll love to wear or be proud to give as a gift. 

We can make the writing larger or smaller, and we can piece it together as needed. For instance, if you want "love Grandma" and you like "love" from one card, and "Grandma" from another card, we can do that! 

You can bring in the original handwriting and we will scan it and give you back the original documents right away, or you can photograph or scan the handwriting and email that to us at sayanythingjewelry@yahoo.com





Is your child a Picasso in the making? We can take those drawings and doodles and make them into wearable masterpieces! We can shrink down the artwork so any size will work. We will scan the artwork and give you back the original right away or you can photograph or scan the artwork and email that to us at sayanythingjewelry@yahoo.com


Doggie Grahams

We can take your pet's pawprint, or nose print for a keepsake and we can also do a mold of your pet's nose. The mold of the nose is actual size and they hold a lot of detail. These are generally pretty thick and heavy. For the pawprint and nose prints, we use the same inkless kits that we offer for fingerprints, so you can get what you need without having a pet running around with ink on their paws. We then take the prints and can make them larger or smaller. This way, for instance, you can get your black lab's paw print on a charm smaller than the size of a dime if you wish. Cute right?!